You’re our future.
HartLogic is nothing without our mutual contribution.
HartLogic is US = ME + YOU.

What we do with our money

We will invest every single dollar in human resource, technology, and program development. We believe that in order to give the best service we have to first ensure the well being of our employees and enrich their knowledge by giving relevant in-house training and workshops. We also will improve our recruitment process to get the best talents who share the same vision and mission as we do.

As technology is the core of our business, technology development is the basic necessity. We will develop our technology especially our server and cloud to improve our product quality with relatively low cost thus our products could be sold at a very affordable price and cloud be accessible for wider use of society. Because our goal is to help others and be successful together.

Future Office

In the near future, we will build an office that has a structure like our symbolic logo.

  • The core will be the place to connect Hartroopers and users, we will have an auditorium at the first level, coworking space at the second level, meeting room at the third level and command center at the fifth level.
  • The upper side of power will be an office for the HartLogic Team Builder.
  • The bottom side of power will be an office for the HartLogic Team Growth & Founders, Initiator, Representative, and Volunteer.
  • The space will be use for garden, solar panel, renewable energy and the server will be located in the safest place in each country.