From the beginning of why I build HartLogic, I am alone, tons of people judge me, there is so much challenge that I have been through, even at first my parents didn’t want me to do this because they want me to work in a big multinational corporation.

At that moment my brain agrees with my parents based on what they said about great monthly salary and sustainable life with a good career path. While my heart inside said nobody can guarantee it’s the safest area and I want to do more for people in my one only life.

Bernhart Farras, founder of HartLogic


HartLogic is an actual story of Bernhart Farras in his entrepreneurship journey. The name “HartLogic” comes from a combination of two words, “Hart” and “Logic”. Hart stands for how we feel and create a decision in our heart and Logic stands what we think of our brain that affects why we join a cause with logical thinking. Combining this two philosophy, HartLogic creates an entrepreneur who has a business logic with a social heart.

Business Logic


Social Heart


HartLogic has two part of the HartLogic logo. Symbol and text. HartLogic symbolic logo comes from a combination of one circle, two half-circle cut rectangle, and a blank space. If you see the details on the logo you could spot this:

  • The circle is the core. It represents a symbol of entrepreneurship.
  • The two half-circle cut rectangle is the power. It represents a symbol of social and business that support the core.
  • The blank space is a space, It represents a symbol of unlimited innovation.
  • The combination representing a satellite in the space, It represents our vision supporting entrepreneurs around the world.


  • Enabling collaboration is our core.
  • Help people is our power.
  • Create an unlimited impact is our space.


  • The core (circle) represents HartLogic Solution.
  • The power (two half-circle cut rectangle) represent HartLogic Foundation.
  • The space (blank space) represents HartLogic Cloud.
  • The satellite (combination) represents HartLogic as a brand and organization who support entrepreneurs around the world.